Fit For Life

Fit Foods was born at Dublin Meat Company, the home of Fit Foods, and dreamt up by the O Leary family who noticed changes in people’s eating habits and the desire for healthy, convenient meal offerings.

The Fit Foods ethos is Fit For Life.  Our range means that Fit Foods will fit into your busy life no matter what you are doing with your day.  We are committed to affordable, healthy meal options with 

No compromise on taste or quality!


SINCE 1946

In the bustling streets of Dublin, a legacy was born in 1946.

From the O’Leary family’s butcher shop a passion for food ignited the spark that would eventually become Fit Foods. O Leary’s butchers quickly became renowned for their commitment to value for money without ever compromising on taste or quality.

As the years have unfolded, we noticed a shift in eating behaviours. Sensing the demand for quick, healthier meal options, we took a bold step forward in 2014 with the inception of Fit Foods selling through our own Dublin Meat Company shops.

Fit Foods swiftly rose to prominence and is now Ireland’s Number 1 branded ready meal available in most major supermarkets and convenience stores. In 2023, Fit Foods began exporting to mainland Europe.

The ethos of Fit Foods is Fit For Life recognising the busy nature of everyday life. Our range of ready meals is designed to be easier, healthier, and tastier – high in protein, low in fat and above all convenient.

In recent years, we have expanded our offerings to include gut friendly yogurts to high-protein puddings, and even a cook-at home high protein meat range for those in the mood for cooking ensuring quick, healthier solutions for every eating occasion.

Available Nationwide!


Fit Foods is manufactured in our wholly owned. state-of-the-art BRC AA+ certified facility in Monaghan, now a corner stone in local employment.

Still proudly Irish-owned and run by brothers Brian and David O’Leary, our commitment to value for money without ever compromising on taste or quality remains to this day.

Easier. Tastier. Healthier – Fit Foods For Life.